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Ranchadero Batey

In March 2014, our travels took us to the Dominican town of Ranchadero, in the province of Monte Cristi, located near the border with Haiti.  A four hour drive from our base in Moca led us to one of the many Bateys, the sugar cane worker camps populated mostly by Haitian migrants or Dominicans of Haitian descent who seek seasonal work that the sugar industry in the Dominican Republic provides.  As many as one million Haitians are in the DR, many of them long-term, but it is often difficult for these people to obtain the necessary documentation to exist there, and low wages compound the problem. ProJecto has begun a program to assist the residents of the Batayes.  On this occasion, the ProJecto team distributed clothing to the families who reside in the Ranchadero camp as well as toys to their children.