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We are a non-profit organization helping those in need in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and all of Latin America. We use 100% of the proceeds from your donations to fund these projects. A photographic record of all our activities is posted on our website and social media pages to substantiate our efforts. Won’t you consider helping others who are less fortunate? Together we can accomplish these goals, ONE STEP AT A TIME.


ProJecto por Amor a Jesus (ProJect for the Love of Jesus) is a non-profit organization inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, and we offer our assistance in His name.  ProJecto envisions the day when firefighters throughout the Caribbean and Latin America are adequately equipped with the right tools to deal with the life threatening emergencies that they encounter every day.  Our desire is that the children of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia, Ecuador and all of Latin America receive the education they so richly deserve, for they are our future.  One day we hope to see the incarcerated return to a dignified life outside of the walls and cells that confine them.  We foresee a day when careful attention is given to the nutritional needs of elderly nursing home residents, thereby improving their quality of life.


Our primary objective is to offer spiritual support, prayer, instruction and Christian materials to empower those we serve to help themselves.  ProJecto is committed to assisting firefighters in the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as improving the lives of the children, the elderly and those that are incarcerated.  We serve as a conduit between donor agencies or individuals and the people who have the greatest need.

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