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SEASON OF GIVING – November 2023

Life in the Dominican Republic is especially challenging.  Despite economic gains, more than 20% of the population still live in poverty.  We

2021-22 Aguacates School Year

The school year in Aguacates has commenced, but this year there is a new reason to be thankful.  When ProJecto built the

Visit to Moca, October 2020

With the world changing rapidly, the ProJecto Team continues to do His work despite troubled times.  We paid a visit to the

End of Catarey School Year, 2019

Another school year has concluded for the children in Catarey; children who now have a chance for a future because your donations

La Chancleta School

The Dominican Republic has a large school-age population.  School facilities are time and again run-down and ill-equipped, and all too often, staffing

North Coast Schools Visit

The shortage of school supplies in Dominican classrooms has always been an area of prime concern for ProJecto.  Budget shortfalls have a